Monday, May 24, 2010

Bigelow plantation mint Tea

Much cheaper than a cappuccino... and it tastes better too. Just my opinion of course. I admit sometimes I feel like the odd-man-out for not being a coffee drinker; but I've decided I can't even fake liking the stuff. Not even with all those syrups, creamers, ect. that you can add to it. But a hot cup of tea (or a cold cup for that matter) is pure heaven. Which I suppose is how all those fans of Starbucks out there feel about their cappuccinos?

I'm wondering if I'll get any freebies from Bigelow for this little advertisement? Most likely not, since they probably know I'll keep buying it regardless. At $3 a box, it really is one of life's cheaper luxuries.


  1. I don't like coffee, either. And apparently I'm strange because I don't even like the smell. Thankfully, John doesn't like coffee either.

    Oh, and I'm your first follower. I get extra points for that, don't I?

  2. Is there a LIKE button!! LOL Love tea and coffee and anything! Blessings!

  3. You have just won 1 MILLION points Nikki! Isn't just the SOUND of that exciting? lol

    I wish they DID have a "like" button on blogger Marva. And I still associate with those that drink coffee ;)

    I'm not surprised you and Nikki like tea. Somehow I knew you both appreciated the finer things in life. =)